Meet Judge Everett Young

Judge Everett Young has been a leading conservative on the bench in Tarrant County for almost 28 years.

Judge Everett Young was born in Fort Worth and is a lifelong Tarrant County resident. He attended Fort Worth public schools, graduating from Paschal High School, and is an Eagle Scout. In the summer of 1968 he received the Citizen Certificate of Recognition award from the Fort Worth Police Department for his part in preventing the abduction of a young woman from the streets of Fort Worth. Earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government from Texas Tech, he also graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

Everett has been an attorney in Tarrant County and the State of Texas for over 38 years. He went to work for the City of Fort Worth in 1975 as an assistant city attorney and Chief Prosecutor in the Municipal Court. He was appointed as a Municipal Judge for the City by the Mayor in 1977 and in 1980, he started his own private law practice.

For the past 25 years, Everett has been the Republican Judge of the 297th District Court of Tarrant County. He has presided over more than 35,000 serious felony criminal cases, most of which involve our community’s worst offenses such as murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault, organized crime and other heinous crimes. Over the years, Judge Young has also presided over 16 cases of Capital Murder where the State sought the death penalty. In these cases, 8 convicts have been executed, 2 are on death row, 1 died an accidental death, and 5 are serving life sentences.

Judge Everett Young has been a lifelong conservative Republican. In 1964, his loyalty and active involvement in the Party started early too, riding the bus to Republican Headquarters after class to volunteer while in junior high school. He was an active member of the Young Republicans while at Texas Tech and even served as its President during law school. While in Lubbock, Everett has worked as an Election Judge, Precinct Chairman and Delegate to the Republican Party Convention. In the 1974 General Election campaign season Everett ran the Lubbock County Republican Headquarters while attending law school. Judge Young has been consistently re-elected because he has held his conservative Republican values and promoted the advancement of the Party not just at election time. He is a member of numerous Republican clubs from all across Tarrant County.

Judge Everett Young

Judge Young has proven his ability to effectively preside over a criminal court, giving full time and competent devotion to his duty of providing a fair trial to both the State and defense. He has never "legislated from the bench" and has closely followed the Law during his time as Judge of the 297th District Court. Judge Young has devoted the past 25 years of his career exclusively to the trial of criminal cases. He now asks for your vote to take that experience to County Criminal Court Number 1 as its Judge.

Everett and his wife Priscilla have been married over 35 years. They are the proud parents of four grown children and have two grandchildren. He and his family have attended St. Paul Lutheran Church since 1981.

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